COVID 19 - School Sport NZ events under the COVID Protection Framework

Changes to school sport came into effect through the COVID-19 Public Health Response Amendment Order from 11.59pm Saturday 12 March 2022. 

All children and young people, regardless of their vaccination status, can participate in school-organised teams and groups, or as an individual representing the school in a competition or event. This applies whether on or off the school site, and to registered schools only. 

School organised teams, groups and individuals are to be treated as if they are vaccinated and cannot be required to show a My Vaccine Pass. This means the capacity limits for vaccinated students are applied when sport takes place out of school hours, or off school grounds. 

Support staff, including coaches, managers, teachers and parent volunteers continue to be required to be vaccinated. This includes student coaches, both when they coach teams from their own school, and those from other schools. They will still be required to show a My Vaccine Pass if the external venue or facility requires. 

Sport NZ has updated its School Sport guidance here. Existing guidance in the CPF section of the Sport NZ website has been updated to reflect these changes.

The Ministry of Education will provide an update through its bulletin and DIA will provide guidance for Local Authorities. Other organisations will also need to update their policies and websites as a result of this change.  

Please refer to the Sport NZ FAQs in the first instance or if you have further queries then contact or School Sport NZ staff members.

COVID 19 - Regional events under the COVID Protection Framework

Regional School Sport offices are issuing their own guidance in relation to the delivery of regionally delivered inter-school sport. Schools shoudl contact their local Regional Sports Director further information, contacts can be found here

COVID 19 - Resources for Schools

KAMAR and EDGE have useful tools in-built into their Student Management Systems in relation to COVID 19