New Sport Co-ordinators - All you need to know and may be afraid to ask

A must-do workshop for new sports coordinators.  Hear about the opportunities and challenges for your role, and improve your understanding of the processes and requirements around school sport in NZ. Bring your questions and ideas.

Balance is Better – Quality experiences for Rangatahi.

Andrew Hewetson Sport NZ

Quality sport experiences are what we are all striving to provide to our rangatahi.  Sport NZ has challenged the sport sector to adopt practices that will keep our kids in sport for life, by understanding the evidence, changing our practices and working with key influencers to bust the myths that are driving our young people away from sport through their teenage years.  Balance is Better is a philosophy that will underpin school and community sport in the future - hear from the architects of that approach to understand what we all need to understand and change if we are to arrest the decline in sport participation by our rangatahi

Teacher Coaches – an endangered species?

Garry Carnachan CEO School Sport NZ

Teacher support of school sport is widely recognised as a great way to enhance relationships with whanau, improve the engagement of students in class and contribute to the wellbeing of teachers.  But we also know that the number of teachers coaching school sport has been reducing for the past 20+ years and it is increasingly challenging to get enough coaches to field teams.  A recent study by Waikato University showed the main barriers to teachers coaching are time, support and recognition, and access to professional development support.  Hear what the research tells us and develop solutions to re-engaging teachers in coaching.

Getting Parents in the Waka

Kelly Curr Sport NZ

Parents are key influencers and enablers of a young person's sporting experience. They can be their greatest ally but can also be their greatest obstacle. They can either spark or spoil the development process depending on how we educate, engage and collaborate with them.   In this session we will discuss the challenges schools and sports coordinators face when engaging with parents. We will look to identify successful approaches schools can implement in order to “make the boat go faster.”

Dealing with Change during and beyond Disruption

Martin Snedden NZ Cricket

Sport and Physical Activity for Young Women

Fran McEwen Sport NZ

In October 2018, our Government launched a women and girls strategy focussed on championing equality for all women and girls in Aotearoa New Zealand - from grass roots to high performance. We all know there are clear inequalities for women and girls when it comes to participation, and their wider involvement and visibility within sport and active recreation in Aotearoa New Zealand. This session will touch on Sport NZ commitments to the strategy and an opportunity to hear about a number of practical ways you can start better meeting the needs of young women in your education setting.

Prioritising Athlete Well Being – School Approaches

Matt Cleaver & Kane Rowson New Plymouth Boys’ High School

More often than not approaches to Athlete Development or Academies in schools are focused on the performance aspects - technical, tactical, strength and conditioning with an aim of "putting trophies on shelves". This approach often compromises the health & wellbeing, academic priorities and character development of students. Hear how a school has developed holistic, athlete-centred well-being approaches to ADP based on successful overseas practices, and how this has influenced whole school change.  ​​​​​​​

Student Led Design

Fran McEwen Sport NZ

How do we engage with rangatahi to understand their needs and aspirations? How do we empower them to design and lead their own opportunities?  What tools do we need to facilitate and mandate that process? This workshop explores the opportunity for meaningful use of the voice of the participant in designing initiatives and programmes.

Trust or Bust - - the secret ingredient to a great school culture

Andrew McBride Westlake Boys’ High School

Why do you trust the people you do? Why do people trust you? Teachers, coaches and leaders who generate strong relational trust bonds create higher performing school sport programmes and more purposeful cultures that increase the well-being of a whole community. Discover the principles of how to generate more trust in your organization, the neurological impact it has, and why your school culture can't survive without it.