Census Reports

School Sport NZ Representation Census 2021  

Many thanks to everybody in schools and in RSD offices who assisted in this exercise; without you this invaluable data would not be available for the benefit of national bodies, regional sports development personnel, schools and, not least, you the provider.  Your contribution has allowed us to gather the data that shows just how large and how important the secondary schools sports sector is.

1. 2000 – 2021 Summary of School Sport Representation & Teacher Involvement Rates: Click Here

This is a summary of regional and national rates of students who represented their school in sport from 2000 - 2021 and the involvement of teaching staff.

2. 2021 School Sport Representation & Teacher Involvement in Sport by Region: Click Here

This is a summary, categorised by region, of students who represented their school in sport in 2021 and the involvement of staff. It also identifies the representation rates of boys and girls.

3. 2021 School Sport Representation by Sport: Nationally and Regionally: Click Here

Numbers representing their school or coaching, managing and officiating each individual sport are presented both Nationally and by Region.

4. 2000 - 2021 Change & Trends in School Sport Representation by Sport:  Click Here

A summary of the changes in rates of students that have represented their school in each individual sport from 2000 - 2021.