The board of School Sport NZ have confirmed that all School Sport NZ sanctioned events in Term 1 2022 (including the term 1 holidays) will be restricted to fully vaccinated participants, aged 12 and over, only. Where practicable, this mandate extends to spectators attending also. This decision will be reviewed post Summer Tournament Week 2022 and taking into account the latest Government advice. 

The Covid Protection Framework comes into effect on Friday 3rd December. In preparation for the changes to how sport will be delivered under the Framework, School Sport NZ consulted with member Principals and its Sport partners.

86% of Principals who responded agreed that School Sport NZ sanctioned events must be restricted to fully vaccinated participants only. Similarly, sport partner feedback was 81% in favour. We are actively working with our sport partners for term 1 events to ensure that compliance is manageable and that Health and Safety plans and guidance is updated to reflect the Covid Protection Framework. 

Sport NZ has published its advice in accordance with the Covid Protection Framework (here).  Quite simply, the events on the School Sport NZ Calendar will not be able to proceed if Covid Vaccination Certificates are not being checked. The gathering limits at Orange and Red in particular become too restrictive for viable sports events to take place.  Many public venues and facilities where sanctioned events take place are requiring Covid Vaccine Passes for entry. National and Regional Sports Organisations are also considering their options. This mandate will provide clarity for all stakeholders to plan with confidence that events on the School Sport NZ Calendar will be able to continue.

Sport NZ will shortly be publishing school sport specific advice in relation to opportunities for sport, active recreation, and play. The intent of the document is to provide a single source of information for the provision of school sport. The document will be updated regularly, and school sport staff are encouraged to provide specific questions and scenarios through your Regional Sports Director for clarification, or directly

The board of School Sport NZ is acutely aware that this mandate will result in some students being unable to participate in School Sport NZ sanctioned events, in some cases through no fault of their own. School Sport NZ will support its regional school sport partners where appropriate to shape alternative regional or intra-school options.