Celebrating the Value of School Sport

Winter Tournament Week stands as a testament to the resilience and passion of our rangatahi, educators, and the broader school sport community. The 2023 edition marked a significant rebound, with participation levels mirroring those of the pre-COVID era. Approximately 40,000 students, teachers, coaches, and whānau engaged in spirited competition across the motu. Your unwavering commitment and leadership have been instrumental in making this possible. Sport, when delivered with integrity and purpose, aligns seamlessly with the vision, values, key competencies, and principles of the New Zealand Curriculum. It fosters connections, nurtures a sense of belonging, and creates indelible memories. Our recent campaign, launched during Winter Tournament Week, encapsulates these sentiments through the voices of our rangatahi. I urge you to take a moment to view the video below, which vividly captures their perspectives.


While we celebrate our successes, it's essential to acknowledge and address the challenges within the secondary school sport system. Recent times have underscored the complexities we face, from adult behaviours impacting student experiences to an escalating litigious environment surrounding disputes. As kaitiaki of the national secondary school sport system, SSNZ is committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity, trust, and transparency. We are embarking on a comprehensive review of our rules, regulations, the SSNZ Integrity Framework, and our constitution. This initiative will run parallel to our bi-annual review of SSNZ eligibility criteria. Details regarding this project, its timeline, and the process for participation will be shared early in term 4. Additionally, we are excited to launch the 'Value of Sport to Education' initiative, which seeks to further intertwine the realms of education and sport. More information on this initiative and opportunities for involvement will be forthcoming.

In unity and with optimism, we look forward to the continued growth and strengthening of our school sport community.